Omni Client
Omni is a GENI command line tool for reserving resources at GENI Aggregate Managers (AMs) via the GENI AM API. The Omni client also communicates with Clearinghouses (also known as Control Frameworks or CFs) to create slices, and enumerate available GENI AMs. A Clearinghouse is a framework of resources that provides users with GENI accounts (credentials). Users can use these credentials to reserve resources in GENI AMs.

The Omni client is part of the  GENI Control Framework (GCF) software package. To use Omni:

  1. Download the software in the appropriate form:
  2. Install the software
  3. Configure omni

The current version of Omni is 2.5.

OmniOverview provides a complete list of instructions, commands, and options for using Omni.

Omni Tutorials

  •  Hello Omni is a simple introductory tutorial about using Omni. It will help you setup your environment and run a simple GENI experiment that will walk you through most of the Omni commands. This example does not include any OpenFlow aggregates, so if you want to also do a more advanced OpenFlow tutorial refer to the next set of tutorials.

Scripting Examples

Omni can be used as a library in custom Python scripts. Here are some simple examples that you can use as references to learn more about scripting with Omni:

  • OmniScriptingWithOptions - An example script that uses Omni as a library and combines both Omni and its own command line arguments
  • OmniScriptingExpiration - A minimal script using Omni as a library that gets slice expiration times for all of an experimenter's slices

Help using Omni

If you find yourself in need of help, here are some resources for you:

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