Getting ops-monitoring code

You can retrieve out latest release (v2.1) from . Select "ops-monitoring-v2.1.tar.gz" and click Download at the bottom of the page.

If you have an account you can use the same username and password to browse our git repository.

To download the code via (read-only) git clone:

  • If you want to type your username and password every time, use this command:
    git clone
  • If you just want to be prompted for your password, add the username to the clone command like this:
    git clone
  • If you don't want to be prompted for your username or password you can add an entry to your $HOME/.netrc like this:
    login username
    password mypassword
    Then use the git clone command like this (being sure NOT to include the username):
    git clone

The master branch should be the same as our latest release. You will see additional files in the git repo that are not in the release. We have pruned the release down to what is necessary to run the monitoring system. When using the git repo, you will need to run make (GNU make is required) at the top before attempting to use the software. In the release tar ball, this is already done for you.

The software development team is following these  guidelines as far as branches for developing, fixing bugs and releasing software versions.